Distance Education

Distance Education:

Distance Education learner support centre, Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar College under Directorate of Distance Education, Tripura University was established in 2009 for advancement of higher education through distance learning mode for the students who are unable to continue their higher education in regular mode due to different circumstances.

Course Offered: BA (General)

Subject: Bengali, English, Education, History, Philosophy, Political science.

Course Tenure: 03 (Three) Years (in semester format)

List of Coordinators:       1) Bivash Ranjan Bhattacharjee (2009-2012)

                                                 2) Dr.Dilip Ch Muhuri (2012-2014)

                                                 3) Bijoy Krishna Das (2014-Till date)


Coordinator:  Bijoy Krishna Das.

Contact: Mob- 9612421014, Email- coordinatordeicvc@gmail.com